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Is the Darrow family about to see both brothers walking up the aisle?

Direct Quotation:
"The girl who said yes to my question not very long ago and made me the happiest bloke this side of the planet."

  • Jeff Darrow's Mention of his Engagement
  • Jake's Posting as to Rose' Possession.

  • Bets being taken on what Rose said 'yes' to.

    • the morning after

      Okay, let's see your bets, darlings. (No, I don't know the answers, nor am I going to count 'em up.) Who bagged the most snogs? Which couple lasted…

    • the count so far

      This excludes notes sent yesterday, and the general valentines mentioned. Just for fun, not to make 'em feel left out. ^^ Justin 5 Rose 5 Megan 4…

    • Valentine's Day Bets - Who Sent What to Whom?

      Who sent what to whom in all of the Cupid's Arrow posts? Place your bets here! :D

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