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Is the Darrow family about to see both brothers walking up the aisle? 
03:55pm 31/03/2004
mood: mischievous

Direct Quotation:
"The girl who said yes to my question not very long ago and made me the happiest bloke this side of the planet."

  • Jeff Darrow's Mention of his Engagement
  • Jake's Posting as to Rose' Possession.

  • Bets being taken on what Rose said 'yes' to.

    5 to 1 Odds Place your Bets

    the morning after 
    11:56am 01/03/2004
    mood: giggly
    Okay, let's see your bets, darlings. (No, I don't know the answers, nor am I going to count 'em up.) Who bagged the most snogs? Which couple lasted the longest? Which couple needs to see Mme P? Who's in denial? Who's in lovvvve? Who's disgusted? How many orgies can you have in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

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    the count so far 
    05:59pm 14/02/2004
      This excludes notes sent yesterday, and the general valentines mentioned.

    Just for fun, not to make 'em feel left out. ^^

    those with #s have more than oneCollapse )

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    Valentine's Day Bets - Who Sent What to Whom? 
    09:28am 14/02/2004
    mood: wicked
    Who sent what to whom in all of the Cupid's Arrow posts? Place your bets here! :D

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    the no-flirting bet 
    04:00pm 09/02/2004
    mood: amused
    What are the odds of Draco lasting through the 13th?

    And no, I haven't provoked him. Much.


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    you just can't place odds on things like this 
    07:39pm 30/01/2004
    mood: shocked
    There are no words.

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    01:26pm 13/12/2003
    mood: cold
    Betting is hereby open for Tahiti ships. Feel free to specify how far they might go, or how much alcohol will be needed. Bonus if there's preggers bets (me = *horrified no!*)

    Alternately betting on fallings out, sunburns, CPR, bizarre kitchen accidents, and scary encounters with local wildlife.

    I thought it a good time since none of us will be actively online for a tick. Amusingly some of these have 'evidence' behind them...

    how many ways can you split a coconut...Collapse )

    This was, btw, inspired by Whitney. I.e. I blame her.

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    what happens when Blaise and writer go away for a while? 
    12:17pm 10/12/2003
    mood: mischievous
    Characters add new dimensions to his reputation. Not to mention his girlfriend, ex, and best friend might be in a study circle.

    It's been, what, about two hours? ^^

    Edit: Two and a half hours. *snicker*

    Want to lay any bets, characters?

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    re: the latest dramas 
    04:20pm 07/12/2003
    mood: devious
    You all might want to check your old comment wars.

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    clear your books 
    06:09pm 06/12/2003
    mood: chaos and destruction...
    Not to take bets, but I predict Hurricane Lavender is on its way...

    P.S. This is a wibble post.

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    Taking Bets 
    08:12am 06/12/2003
    mood: Owwwww!
    All right folks, I'm taking bets on how much longer Anders Grimalkin will be walking upon this earth.

    Any takers? Minerva gives him an hour, tops.


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    10:05am 21/11/2003
    mood: silly
    Too confused to keep track of the ships... not even my own!

    Help. XD

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    Blackbooks couldn't plan for things like this... mostly 
    11:22am 30/10/2003
    mood: giggly
    Proof and more proof that the House always wins. ;)

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    04:40pm 27/10/2003
      "Car and Justin"

    How on earth did that one get there!?!?

    Are they gonna have a threesome with the wild Ford Anglia in the forest???

    *still chuckling over Lupin + Erzsebet too*

    I really can't think why i didn't have this shippy madness friended before...plain mental...*grin*

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    a bet 
    09:40am 23/10/2003
    mood: mischievous
    Millicent: Blaise.
    Blaise: Mmm? Yes Millicent?
    Millicent: Five Galleons on *thinks for a moment* Seth, Erzsebet, Justin (if he wakes), Lavender, Draco, Sinjin, and another of your choice in a massive orgy by New Year's.
    Blaise: *spits out his pumpkin juice and coughs, hacking loudly*
    Blaise: *weakly raises finger* ....Rose.
    Millicent: I was going to say Ben. We'll leave the wildcard slot open, so to speak?
    Blaise: *dabs at his mouth with the napkin* ...yeah. Let's just play the waiting game now.
    Millicent: Excellent.

    Writer's note: Slightly less traumatizing than Gregory/Mary Elizabeth.

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    did we 
    03:51pm 17/10/2003
      have Seth/Justin?

    Seems our Justin/Draco is fine...

    3 to 1 Odds Place your Bets

    12:06pm 14/10/2003
      I am disappointed we didn't do this meme in-play while it was active. Oh well.

    p.s. Aha, it's 18+ only. I seeee.

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    09:07am 01/10/2003
    mood: amused
    This (overall pentangle), this (Ginny, Draco, Ben), this (Hermione/Blaise), this (Lisa/Ron and Padma) and this (Emma plus Hannah/Harry) and all their attendant comment wars and links sum up the overall pre-Ball shipping Situation. I think the only one I'm missing is Neville/Tracey though there must be more lurking somewhere....

    The harbor's crowded, mateys. #_^

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    03:59pm 28/09/2003
    mood: amused
    Draco and Seth
    Draco and Justin
    Draco and Ben.

    Details to be given as they come :D

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    oh wow 
    06:44pm 26/09/2003
    mood: bouncy
    As someone with not-so-inside information.... the mack is back in SPH.

    Hoooooo boy.

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