Justin Finch-Fletchley (justinfinch) wrote in blackbooks,
Justin Finch-Fletchley


"Car and Justin"

How on earth did that one get there!?!?

Are they gonna have a threesome with the wild Ford Anglia in the forest???

*still chuckling over Lupin + Erzsebet too*

I really can't think why i didn't have this shippy madness friended before...plain mental...*grin*
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See what happens when you coo over that car so much?
...it was just a few ickle pictures.

And a boot full of drink (that is sitting there even now...cold...wet...eminently drinkable...AND LOCKED AWAY!).

...I bet you don't have coffee.
Well...erm...not in the car...no.

Got plenty back in the dorm though! Coffee = nectar of life!