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a bet

Millicent: Blaise.
Blaise: Mmm? Yes Millicent?
Millicent: Five Galleons on *thinks for a moment* Seth, Erzsebet, Justin (if he wakes), Lavender, Draco, Sinjin, and another of your choice in a massive orgy by New Year's.
Blaise: *spits out his pumpkin juice and coughs, hacking loudly*
Blaise: *weakly raises finger* ....Rose.
Millicent: I was going to say Ben. We'll leave the wildcard slot open, so to speak?
Blaise: *dabs at his mouth with the napkin* ...yeah. Let's just play the waiting game now.
Millicent: Excellent.

Writer's note: Slightly less traumatizing than Gregory/Mary Elizabeth.
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